Power Factor Panel Manufacturers

Brilltech is one of the most trusted Power Factor Panel Manufacturers In Delhi. Power factor correction Panel is beneficial in a lot of ways. Increased load carrying capabilities and reduced demand charges on power system are one of those benefits. Power factor is a key factor in measuring electrical consumption of a facility. We truly believe that every product that goes out of our facility is reflective of the quality standards we maintain in our manufacturing unit. This is the reason that we work dedicatedly to put 100% efforts to ensure that every product is flawless from every angle.

Benefits Of Installing Power Factor Panels:

  • Improved Voltage - Improved power factor directly results in the reduction of voltage drops in the conductor subsequently improving the voltage at the equipment.
  • Increased Load Carrying Capability - After installing this power factor panel, the load carrying capability of the circuit is increased significantly.
  • Reduced Demand Charges - Power factor correction also leads to lower demand charge which reduces the bill of electricity.

We are one of the topmost Automatic Power Factor Panel Suppliers In India. If you want premium quality Power Factor Control Panel, give us a call right now and we promise that you won’t be disappointed.