Overload Relay Manufacturers

Overload is engineered to copy the heating patterns of motor it is installed in, and interrupt the current the moment heat sensors in relay reach a specific temperature. Brilltech is one of the preeminent Overload Relay Manufacturers In Delhi. Comprising of a heater with normally-closed contacts which open once the heater gets too hot; these relays are used to prevent the electric motor from heating. we have manufactured several products like MDI Relay, Power Factor Relay etc. It is integral for adequate motor protection. They are quite easy to install and the functioning of these relays is such that both the relay and the motor last a lifetime.

Install Overload Relays For Following Reasons:

  • Solution for improved motor protection
  • Protects devices against over temperatures during severe braking duty, overvoltage and under-voltage
  • Highly reliable both in terms of performance and structure
  • Affordable prices to ensure that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket
  • Prevent short-circuits and damage from overheating
  • Easy to install and flawless finish for excellent performance

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