LT Panel Manufacturers

This electrical distribution board takes power from the transformer or generator to distribute it among various distribution boards and electronic devices. Our company is considered one of the foremost LT Panel Manufacturers In Delhi. Brilltech is known for impeccable products and world-class services. Our LT Control Panel are suitable for both internal and external industrial purposes. We understand the value of sustainable way of working and these control panel are in-line with that vision of sustainability. Low electricity consumption ensures that you limit your carbon footprint as much as possible. The monetary benefits of this low consumption can also be understood without explanation.

Applications Of LT Panel:

  • Hospitals And Educational Institutions - These panels are ideal for facilities such as hospitals where equipment should work uninterrupted continuously for many hours.
  • Commercial Complexes - As they are capable of managing and distributing various electronic devices, commercial complexes can benefit from their use.
  • Manufacturing Industries - Medium to high capacity manufacturing industries can also deploy these panels for the effective distribution of power supply.

Our company is considered one of the renowned Low Tension Panel Suppliers In India. Our LT Panel is suitable for several applications. Feel free to call us to know more about our products.